Young People sharing their Faith

At the beginning  of  April,  I conducted a training  at church  on how to share your faith.

We used The Four Spiritual Laws booklet. Presenting with The Four Spiritual Laws gives the person the opportunity to understand the gospel and commit to follow Jesus .

The young and old people attended and after the session we went to the area around the church to  share our faith. This encouraged the young people to  be confident in sharing their faith . They went with the  older partners to  approach people who were passing by and asked them if  they have heard of the four spiritual laws and started the conversation about faith.

During the month of June, the young people set aside Saturday afternoons for sharing their faith around Rocklands.  This was a great opportunity as the older people also joined them to share. The gospel was presented, people prayed to receive the Lord and many were exposed to the gospel.

A young person's testimony

My name is Itumeleng Moloke, I’m a student at the University of the Free State. I attend church at Full Gospel Church of God (Living Stone Tabernacle), that is where I was introduced to the four spiritual laws through a training conducted by Ma Keontse Selesanyeng. 

The knowledge I have now, of the four spiritual laws, has impacted my life profoundly as a young believer in Christ, it has equipped me to be bold in sharing my faith. Because of the training I have now started sharing with others at the University campus about the four spiritual laws. I have lately shared it with two other students of whom I was firstly just a stranger to, but now I’m continuing to build a relationship with. 

I hope and have faith that in Christ our Lord Jesus I will continue to do more. I truly thank God for the training of sharing the Gospel through the four spiritual laws.

May God bless you Ma Selesanyeng. I thank you for introducing to us and training us about the four spiritual laws and showing us the APP. 

In a time where people are overwhelmed by bad news we should now share the good news, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Itumeleng Moloke
The Four Spiritual Laws

The booklets are available at our offices and can  be order online on our website. The Four Spiritual Laws can also be shared with our family and friends. Please click on the button below to download the App on God Tools.

Keontse Selesanyeng

Keontse Selesanyeng

I am married to Tebogo and have two kids, Tehillah(18) and Tephillah(6). My relationship with the Lord started in 1997.

I got involved in the work of God in 2000 in the Church. I served as a spiritual worker at Employers For Christ in 2012 and that is how I knew about Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa.

I am full time with CCCSA , CrossRoads Trainer and busy with MPD.

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