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Student-Led Movement

Win the Campus today, Win the World tomorrow …

Students are the future of any nation and the guidance given to them defines the future of a nation. Through the Student-Led Movement we want to help students come to know Jesus, grow in their faith, then go to their families, their communities and all over the world to tell others about God’s love.

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The following strategy support the Student-Led Movement:

Athletes in Action
Athletes in Action

Helping create a movement of sport influences through evangelism and discipleship Athletes in Action builds on society’s great love of sports and uses it as platform to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. “Victory beyond Competition”

Man praying in the morning in a beautiful sunrise.

Prayer is essential to our Mission and is expected to be integrated with the whole ministry. Dependence on God expressed through the lifestyle of prayer and a growing network of intercessors is the foundation for all that we are trusting the LORD to do by 2020 and beyond.