What we Do

“… passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.”

Campus Crusade for Christ is a caring community, passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Our purpose is to glorify God by helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others and helping the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship through a variety of creative ways.

We are committed to the centrality of the cross, the truth of the Word, the power of the Holy Spirit and the global scope of the Great Commission.

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Founded in 1951

Campus Crusade for Christ was originally founded in 1951, when Bill and Vonette Bright began the ministry on the UCLA campus. God had given him a vision portraying the total fulfillment of the Great Commission throughout the world.

The ministry in South Africa was founded in 1972 by John and Mary-Jean Tempelhoff.  After more than 45 years of ministry we currently have about 70 full time staff members country wide and many associates and volunteers.

Training in Evangelism & Discipleship

We have representation on 14 university campuses and the Global Church Movement is partnering with hundreds of churches country wide and in a variety of communities, presenting training in evangelism and discipleship. Business people and government officials can become involved with the Leader Impact Movement and we encourage and train all staff and co-workers to use all electronic platforms to engage with people in their personal ministries.

The Jesus Film

The film about the life of Jesus “Jesus” made by Jesus Film Project premiered in 1979, has been translated into far more than 1000 languages and also in all the South African languages. In the meantime, many other films have been made like The Story of Jesus for Children” also translated in all South African languages, “Magdalena, Released from Shame”, focusing on reaching women with the Gospel and already translated into four South African languages.

People from all Cultures

Campus Crusade for Christ offers spiritual guidance, resources and programs tailored for people from all cultures in every walk of life through many diverse outreaches like short term mission trips to various countries, outreaches to families and helping people to restore and to have healthy marriages through FamilyLife.  Athletes in Action reaches out to communities through sports and sports workshops. These are a few of the strategies used to reach different communities in South Africa and abroad. 

Committed to helping Proclaim the Gospel

Campus Crusade for Christ is committed to helping proclaim the gospel throughout the world. The context of winning, building and sending most often occurs best in relationships. Even when the initial proclamation penetrates from outside a community, typically the gospel continues to spread among family, friends, neighbors and peers. For example, when the woman at the well heard from Jesus, she ran to tell others: “Come and see!”

We want to equip you as you share your faith with those in your community. You can find valuable tools to bring Christ into every area of life.