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Walking with Jesus

SeSotho Premier

Very exciting news in the midst of all the negativity in our country …the Jesus Film team launched the Walking With Jesus video series in SeSotho on Saturday, 4 September in Bloemfontein after many years of hard work. The Premier was much smaller than normal because of Covid19. We just felt it was important to make some kind of attempt to celebrate the completion of another great discipleship resource for missionaries and churches to use in their ministries.  One excited pastor from a nearby town commented: “the world made the Message of the Gospel too complicated and it mustn’t be that complicated”.  This film demonstrates and guides the importance of discipleship and it is not complicated. Praise God for those involved that made this translation possible!

The Body of Christ working together is much stronger and not even Covid will stop us! Praise to God for the Jesus Film leaders and team in the USA making this possible under challenging circumstances. We are committed and will play our part in promoting this discipleship resource to the 6.2 million SeSotho speaking partners, churches and missionaries in South Africa and Lesotho.

The Walking With Jesus is a series of five episodes that explains the Gospel and living a Spirit filled life. It is available in different languages at the CCC Media office

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