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Walking with Jesus in Xhosa
“The Jesus Film”

It’s been just over two years since we did the recording for the Walking with Jesus video series into the Zulu language.  Our plan had been to start right away on the Xhosa version.  The Xhosa people are the second largest language group in South Africa.  But God had other plans. 

It turns out that a local South African film production company was engaged in the original filming of “Walking with Jesus” in Kenya.  They were keenly interested in producing versions in local southern African languages.  Their involvement would greatly accelerate the process of getting this important film tool into many languages, not only for South Africa, but for neighboring countries as well. 

But negotiations, contracts and financial arrangements all take time.  Thankfully, the legal and technical people at the Jesus Film head office in Orlando were responsible for these things.  But, at last, after two years, we are ready to start forward again. 

The local production company, FC Hammans Films, has already translated the script into Xhosa.   They are based near Cape Town, but I have been working with them to finish up the translation.  In the next few days, auditions for voice actors will begin. 

Recording will start on 8 October and go for two weeks.  A technician from the Jesus Film office is bringing the set of recording equipment.  He will be training the local technicians during the recording, and then leaving the equipment so we can carry on with more languages.  I will be going to Cape Town for the last half of the recording time.

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Rick Atherton

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