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The Cape Town Team Outreach

“Student-Led Ministry” – Cape Town

Cape Town Team Outreach

Every month, we get an opportunity to share the gospel as a whole team. This month we set off to the same venture at a university here in Cape Town. This time around we used material I had never seen before, called a Soularium. It’s so insightful and we tend to get a lot of information from it. We used a lot of pictures to get to understand where people are spiritually.

At the heart of this university, we met two vibrant young ladies. Very sure of the future. Very sure of their plans. They had a mixture of religious views. “I take from what I think applies to me.” Said one of them. “Who anchors your soul?” I asked. “Jesus is the anchor on which I lean on when the seas of life are rough. Who does that for you?” “I’m happy to float right now.” Said the other. “Sometimes there are issues in our lives that we don’t even know how to verbalise to ourselves. I hope when you get to that point in your life you will know from which anchor you will draw from.” I said as a departing thought.

Please pray for these ladies, for them to know Jesus the anchor of their soul.

Please pray for the youth of the world. That they realise that Jesus wants to have a personal relationship with them.

Nyameka Sonti

Nyameka Sonti

Student-Led Ministry

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