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'Take The Biscuit Challenge' Feedback
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So, over 60 people received 30 challenges over 30 days to engage with reaching their colleagues for Christ.  Here are some comments …

Thank you for faithfully getting these out each day. I’ve loved the guided, pragmatic and user friendly approach to reaching out to others … The raised awareness … is excellent.

The cards are well constructed and is a good balance between personal reflection and action.  I’m sure having this as part of a group or church exercise would also drive greater accountability. Looking forward to what God has in store!

The challenges are brilliantly doable, achievable , down to earth, just great, and applicable.

It helps keep sharing Christ intentional.

I have started with two assignments…[one assignment] is around 9:00 am I get to meet with a Christian lady and a Muslim lady and we just talk about religion when having tea. We call this wisdom sharing moments.

As a result, here are a couple of stories …

ONE MAN called Aya arranged to meet with a man named Mthokozisi.  Aya got to share his faith story and the gospel with a very positive response.  They have arranged to meet again to talk more.

ONE WOMAN Caroline meets with at Old Mutual, Tania, took the courage to lend a Christian book to her work colleague, which was relevant to her situation.  The lady’s response was warm and appreciative.  Please pray that Tania will then have the opportuity to chat to this lady about her thoughts on the book and, ultimately, Jesus.

This really was a pilot project.  It was great to get such positive feedback.  We also heard though that 30 challenges, however small, are difficult to complete in just 30 days.  This is where an app would be great where we could choose how often we receive a challenge, on which days and at what time of day.  We’re looking to develop it soon.

Thank God that, as a result of this, many are more prepared to give a reason for the hope they have and a number of non-believers have taken a step closer to Jesus.

Read how it started here.

Picture of Caroline, Geoff, Nathan and Emily  Shave

Caroline, Geoff, Nathan and Emily Shave

Serving in Cape Town.

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