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TBN Africa TV Broadcast
Jesus Film Project 

Our Jesus Film TV broadcast partnership with TBN Africa in April 2020 delivered gigantic results. Strategy plans started in January but with Covid-Lockdown, Jesus Film collaborated with Digital Strategies’ Knowing-God-Courses Website and came up with a combined solution.

Now we have a powerful e-Evangelism and e-Disciple Strategy. We linked the two platforms with an Auto-Reply WhatsApp-Number that focuses on follow-up and e-Discipleship that we also use on Social Media. The TV project was aimed for South Africa, but we then took hands with Campus Crusade for Christ South and East Africa (SEA) mission teams with amazing results throughout the continent.

Our direct project reached 560 000 people in South Africa and 19 Million people in 50 African countries. The combination of resources evolved into exciting collaborations and partnerships among Campus Crusade for Christ staff and other missionaries. We celebrated the positive feedback we received from them and praise God for these amazing alternative tools to assist us with the Great Commission in these unique times we find ourselves in.

Some Statistics
PlatformsJesus Film MaterialAired
TBN Africa DStv - 343 Jesus Film 5 April
TBN.ORG Watch LiveJesus Film5 April
TBN Africa Easter Pop Up Channel DStv 344Jesus Film, Magdalena, Walking with Jesus 9-13 April
DStv - Catch-UpJesus Film 10 April to 2 May
Vodacom – Video Play AppJesus Film, Anticipate the Resurrection CollectionApril
Whatsapp Messages
Message Traffic 5 April - 5 May 4 693
Individual users 1 341
Menu selections by individuals:
1. Invitation to Follow Jesus 1 125
2. New Believer450
3. Growing 414
4. Become Involved 236
5. Talk to Mentor 148
Respond Messages, Emoji & limited spam 1 066
Online Courses started 209
Online Courses completed 98

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