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Staff Conference – December 2023

From December 6th to 10th, 2023, our team held the first Staff Conference in six years. Hosted by the Gauteng team, the event took place at the Pure Joy Lodge and Conference Centre, nestled 20 kilometres away from the city on Moloto Road.

After the challenges posed by COVID-19, which hindered face-to-face interactions, the primary goal was to facilitate staff reconnection. The venue, adorned with swimming pools, diverse birdlife including Blue Cranes and swans, sightings of little antelopes, and rabbits, and expansive open spaces, provided a unique setting for fostering engagement among the team. The owner’s dedication and accommodation further enhanced the experience. Managing a diverse group with varying ages and backgrounds presented its challenges, yet overall, we can only express gratitude for the much-needed and exceptional gathering.

Three days were dedicated to more structured meetings. The Leadership Team chose the theme “Unveiling Abundance: Stories, Callings, and Sustainability in Ministry.” Rooted in Ephesians 3:20, the theme celebrated God’s ability to achieve beyond imagination. It also emphasized sustainability, encompassing long-term viability and responsible resource stewardship within ministries.

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The agenda for the conference spanned three key subtopics:

“Stories from Our Ministries”: Speakers shared personal experiences, triumphs, and challenges within their ministries, highlighting the role of God’s abundance.

“Share My Calling”: Participants delved into their unique callings, aligning them with Ephesians 3:20 and reflecting on their discovery.

“Sustainability in Ministry”: Attendees discussed strategies for ensuring sustainability, emphasizing responsible stewardship and God’s immeasurable capabilities.

The theme encouraged integrating sustainability principles into ministries while honouring the message of God’s boundless provision.

Although the lodge couldn’t accommodate everyone, 44 adults and 26 young individuals attended. A poignant celebration evening on December 8th also brought together 37 friends, partners, and volunteers who joined us for a special meal, certificate presentations, and a remembrance segment for those who passed since the last conference. It was a cherished time with guests dedicated to CCCSA’s ministry.

The sharing of stories and callings was deeply enriching, fostering stronger relationships and garnering new insights. Discussions on sustainability were intense, underscoring the intentional focus required to fortify our systems, including staff, finances, and projects. Initiatives like Ignite, Ikhaya Project, database optimization, and a back-to-basics approach were highlighted for sustained growth. This journey toward sustainability is ongoing, with Chris expressing heartfelt dedication to this cause at the conference.

In CCCSA, prayer remains the cornerstone, the pivotal step before any progress. Ultimately, our pursuit is solely about honouring God—without the Trinity, CCCSA’s existence holds no purpose. Jesus Christ is the reason!

Gratitude extends to all for contributing to the special reconnection experienced during our staff conference.

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