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Significance Project

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What a privilege it was to be a part of the Significance Project Equipping Summit January 2020.  We engaged with 178 men and women from 48 different countries and had a rich time of collaboration and encouragement. It was also a time to hear from others how they are effectively using these life-coaching resources (The Significant Woman, Soaring, Man of Impact, Quest).  Best practices from different countries, the new couples/mixed group facilitators guide, digital platform, and field test of an Executive Seminar and other supportive materials, were shared. 

Cheryl who lead the team said “The highlight for me was seeing how God provided for six South Africans to attend.  We are excited to implement new things, and also to see how God will continue to grow this movement.  

Going to the conference opened my eyes as to firstly how big THE SIGNIFICANT WOMEN project actually is around the world and secondly how much difference just one facilitator can make. It is encouraging to see how such a movement can be started which changes people’s lives. 

I also learnt how important social media is and going digital. As the one lady said “we will be digital until Jesus returns!” 

One of the ladies, Masoko Legwale said “I learnt that this project is a valuable tool to empower people to live their lives with purpose and to equip them with skills for serving God better.”

Hema Perumal said “I am so excited to share with you all the joys I was privileged to experience.  Before, during and after this trip the Lord has been speaking to me on how important our prayers are. I found myself directed to pray into specific situations concerning the work and lives of my God appointed family. I faced many challenges as I sought to engage even after the conference.  It has been so rewarding being where God wants me to be. I remember as we worshiped together at the conference, I praised God for His Spirit that is doing so much for this work to reach places I never imagined or knew about.  It truly felt like heaven as we sang praises.  I have seen Gods hand over our lives protecting us and equipping us for further areas He wants us to reach. He has shown me that it’s not by might nor by power but by His Spirit that His work is done and successfully reaching the lost and hurting.”

Feel free to contact Gary or Cheryl Price for how you can use these resources in your area.

Cheryl Price, Full Time Staff from the USA is involved with The Significant Woman Project and lives in Durban with her husband Gary.

Picture of Cheryl & Gary Price

Cheryl & Gary Price

Full Time Staff from the USA living in Durban

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