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Reaching the People of Tibet in Northern India

“Jesus Film Mission Trips”

The Team photo : Susan, Leatitia, Denise, Ria and Babsie

A team of 5 ladies left SA during Sept/Oct with a mandate to pray for the Tibetan Buddhists. We were left simply astounded by how God moved within the specific mandate that He gave us as a team. We have never heard His voice so clearly and the confirmation after stepping out in faith was just mind blowing!

The overall mandate came from Isaiah 22:22: “And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.

The KEY represents the AUTHORITY that will unlock/open and shut things up in the spiritual realm. This is part of God’s plan to pour His Spirit out for revival and awakening in the Spirit of those who do not yet know Him. God gave us Scripture to guide us on which demonic doors to close and Godly doors to open during this time.

The doors that the Father have opened in the Spirit during this time:

  • Parliament: He will re-align and re-position parliament.
  • A divorce between the Tibetan culture and Buddhism was declared. A prophetic wedding took place according to Hosea 2 and the re-digging of the spiritual wells.
  • The mantle of the Buddhist leader was claimed back to be a righteous mantle according to Isaiah 22.
  • Hospital ministry and prayer for the sick: the Lord has opened the door for local workers to continue ministering to the sick after our visit.
  • Finally, the opening of the door of revival was the highlight of the outreach.
  • An outstanding connection was that of fellowship with other workers. Out of this for example the recording of the first dialect of the Tibetan Bible could be initiated. Now they would be able to in near future have their own full audio Bible in their mother tongue!

Confirmation of God’s approval of the work being done: we were blessed to walk into an art exhibition right at the temple gate on the final day. There was a painting with a stamp of approval and the Christian cross right in front of it! One of our team members already had a vision of a stamp of approval before we left SA! We were speechless! 

To summarize the experience in a couple of paragraphs is a too difficult task because the depth of it can be compared to the beauty of the Himalaya mountains itself….no words would ever be able to describe and no picture able to tell the real beauty thereof!

Picture of Denise de Beer

Denise de Beer

Jesus Film Mission Trips

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