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Preparing for Marriage

FamilyLife South Africa is in the very privileged position to have outstanding material to help a couple do some in depth preparation to make their upcoming marriage the fulfilling adventure it is supposed to be! The Preparing for Marriage is tried and tested material that originated in the USA and has now been adapted for the South African situation.

When my brother’s daughter wanted to get married, I asked longstanding valued friends of ours, Willie and Sylvia du Toit, to act as a mentor couple and walk through the Preparing for Marriage material with Niel and Marga.

The youngsters enjoyed it so much that a few months into marriage they visited Willie and Sylvia, showed them many photos, and had a wonderful evening together!

After working through the material with a few more young couples, Willie was inspired to draw up a detailed ‘business plan’ to train mature Christian couples to act as mentor couples, using the Preparing for Marriage book, to help young couples prepare for their marriages! This plan was adopted as is by the Moreleta church!

Willie and Sylvia then proceeded to invite couples to accept the responsibility to be trained as mentor couples. Two separate groups/classes were formed. They went through some basic training, and they also underwent some follow-up training. These couples have over the years trained and mentored a great number of young people. Only eternity may reveal the impact that this training had on marriages and families!

Updated versions of the English and Afrikaans books are now available at FamilyLife.

Another congregation in Pretoria has also adopted the Preparing for Marriage material as the strategy they will use for couples planning to get married. Our son and daughter-in-law, who are part of the leadership group at ‘Ligpunt,’ went through the material before they got married and have since trained 7 couples in their congregation to mentor those wanting to get married.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact Family Life directly below.

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