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Praying in Bakerton
muslim women

It is amazing to see the open doors and the hearts of the people in the Bakerton Community outside of Springs. There is a mixture of three Mosques, a Hindu temple and only one Church. The heart of the church and its openness to take hands to reach their Hindu and Muslim neighbours  are amazing.

 Joey is leading a team of three individuals and she is trusting for more volunteers from the Church and community. From the end of December and beginning of January they will only be concentrating on prayer. Asking the Lord for wisdom and insight to reach the Muslim woman. The strategy that they will use is called PCS (Prayer, Care , Share) it is self-explanatory.

Prayer – Praying to the Lord for the harvest, praying for wisdom, insight, opportunity and strategy.
Care – To be the hands and feet of Jesus caring and connecting with Muslim women in the community meeting their physical and spiritual needs.
Share – Sharing the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. 

The team started on 3 January with a two week prayer walk in Bakerton. It was amazing to experience the Lord sending us out and opening new doors for us.

One day while we were prayer walking we felt the need to pray on the high school property.  We went in to ask permission. At first we did not know what to expect, as the principal is a Hindu and there are a lot of Muslim staff at the school. The principal gladly gave us permission to pray on the school.  What an exciting time!

After praying for two weeks,  we started with our survey. Going house to house asking 10 simple questions to start conversations.  Of course also to see the need in Bakerton and how we can help to uplift the community.

Our vision is to have functions for the community so that we can start friendships.

We’ve also connected with two churches in Bakerton. It is heart warming to see the excitement to reach the lost for Christ.

Bakerton is not an easy community to reach. The majority of the people staying in Bakerton are Muslims. There are three Mosques, three Hindu Temples,  a Jehovah witness hall, the Seventh day Adventists church and I am not sure how many active churches. We know of three. So please pray for us in this journey of reaching the lost in Bakerton.

Going out with the survey was productive. Myself and Renier ended up one day visiting a Muslim family’s house. Renier chatted with the uncle in the lounge and I chatted with the aunty in her kitchen. They have eight children of which one is an Imam in Singapore. Please pray for our friendship with the family to grow.

Otillia and Sarie also had a few exciting chats with Muslim ladies.

Please continue to pray for the following:

Us to be obedient to Christ in every situation

  • To represent Christ in everything we do.
  • For creative ideas on how to uplift the community to be able to start friendships.
  • For more volunteers to join us in this journey. Jesus said the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We should pray for the harvest.
  • Pray for more open doors.
  • Pray that God will be glorified.

Joey van Onselen

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