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Marriage mentoring via Whatsapp

The Power of the Holy Spirit in Marriage

A gentleman contacted FamilyLife for marriage mentoring through Let us call him Jim. We could not meet face to face seeing he lived in KwaZulu-Natal. WhatsApp was his preferred mode of contact.

Jim contacted us because his wife, Betty, mostly ignored him. She had used the ‘silent treatment’ for six weeks before he contacted us. He mentioned that for the 20 years of his marriage she would not read the Bible with him or talk about their issues.

Jim was adamant that he did not believe in divorce – “I do not believe divorce is the answer at all and we need to somehow find a way to work this out.”

He had renewed his commitment to Jesus Christ and was sure of his salvation. We felt in his situation the best was for him to know how to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to practice Spiritual Breathing as a way of life. Few people we have worked with have had such a great desire to trust the Lord for healing in his marriage and to work on it.

For a long time, he just had to love his wife unconditionally without any reciprocation from her side. “Hi, I am getting there day by day with Spiritual Breathing, its hard sometimes when my feelings react, to step away is not always easy. I keep praying and asking God to fill me and guide me in His Holy Spirit.”

“Good morning, I thought I will just touch base with you. This last week has been a huge eye opener for me as prayers get answered. Betty is talking to me again. I feel that it is largely due to the suggestions you have made through God and the way He is working in my own heart and then in Betty’s heart. I still need to continue and get the wisdom to move forward. Thank you for your part in this. I really appreciate your time. Jim.”

Sometime later – “We are getting better and better every day!”

The wonderful concept our Lord gave to Dr Bill Bright on “How to be Filled and Walk in the Power of the Holy Spirit” remains a basic truth which every person needs to know to live a fulfilling life. It is especially needed for a fulfilling marriage relationship.

Here are some of the fantastic resources offered by FamilyLife:

  • For couples preparing for marriage, FamilyLife provides the “Preparing for Marriage” mentoring workbook, offering valuable guidance and insights as couples embark on this new journey together.
  • To enrich marriages, FamilyLife offers resources such as “The Art of Marriage” DVD course and the “Weekend to Remember” event, designed to strengthen relationships and foster deeper connection between spouses.
  • Couples can also benefit from the “Being on Track” couples manual, which serves as a valuable resource for couples to use during retreats or breaks to deepen their bond and understanding of each other. Additionally, FamilyLife empowers older couples through a “Marriage Mentoring” program, allowing them to mentor younger couples, sharing wisdom, experience, and guidance to strengthen marriages and foster deeper connections within the community.
  • For ongoing growth and support, FamilyLife offers follow-up opportunities through “HomeBuilders,” providing six or seven weekly sessions focusing on specific topics to help couples continue to grow together.
  • Additionally, FamilyLife hosts growth and fun events for couples, including workshops such as “Five Love Languages” and “From Anger to Intimacy,” providing practical tools and insights to enhance marital relationships.
  • For parents and children, FamilyLife offers resources like “The Art of Parenting,” “Passport to Purity,” and “Passport to Identity,” equipping parents with tools and guidance to navigate the challenges of raising children and helping them develop a strong sense of identity and character.
  • Men can also find support and encouragement through FamilyLife’s resources, such as the “Quest for Authentic Manhood” 24-week DVD course, followed by resources like “The Great Adventure” and “Winning at Work & Home,” providing practical guidance for men to thrive in all aspects of life.
  • For blended families, FamilyLife offers resources like “The Smart Step Family,” providing support and guidance for navigating the unique challenges and dynamics of blended families.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of resources and support that FamilyLife offers to couples and families, helping them to build strong, healthy, and thriving relationships.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact Family Life directly below.

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