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Magdalena Movie Outreach

On 8 September 2021, staff ladies from the Jesus Film team, Natasha Lötter and Marie Erasmus as well as ladies they trained with storytelling, did a Magdalena Movie outreach at a retirement village in Pretoria. The results were heart-warming and amazing! 

After the film they did a Storytelling, Drama & Dance of the Creation Story. They then told the story of the woman with the issue of blood followed by worship dancing. The team included some of the staff of the village into the dramas. 

There were about 28 people from the village and nine responded to the invitation to invite Jesus into their lives, including some of the staff! The team will be in contact with the local religious ministries in the village and work on ways to do follow-up. 

Here is a short testimony:

This outreached was cancelled three or four times before due to Covid and people being sick. This day was God’s perfect timing. Many tears were shed and this movie touched the hearts of everyone present – residents and staff.  

The photos taken on the day tells the story. Glory to God! Natasha Lee Lötter Lichtendonk and Marie Erasmus – Jesus Film Team

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