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Jesus as Role Model

” CrossRoads Teachers Training Conference” 

Recently I helped to facilitate a CrossRoads Teachers Training conference in Bloemfontein. We had 37 teachers and youth workers participating – one flew in from Namibia since he is keen to implement the program over there.

Teamwork is considered to be a crucial component of the training. To get the maximum out of this concept we try to have as much as possible variation in terms of occupation, race, age and faith orientation. Even though there is a spiritual connection throughout the presentation, it never turns into religious education. It does open up the door wide for ongoing spiritual conversations. We consistently focus on the principles of character building – viewing the historical life of Jesus as a role model of perfect character.

To be effective in teaching it is important not to stick to a lecture format only in presenting the lessons.

This group is trying to put a key concept in one of the lessons across by means of a mime role play. To observe the endless creativity of these groups is one of my great joys in life!

And then the exciting conclusion of the conference – the certification of the participants and the handover of the CrossRoads curriculum. From this moment forward we have no control over them. Each one uses the material in whichever way works best for them.

Marais Koegelenberg

Marais Koegelenberg

Cape Town Team

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