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Is the Gospel hidden to the world?
A message for Easter

Although God made Himself known through his creation his message of salvation seems to be obscure. Why would that be?

God is holy and we are sinful. According to Isaiah 6:5 we will fall apart if we see God in person. Isaiah said “Woe is me! For I am lost; …..for my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts!” God’s holiness is too much, too big for us. Holiness is required to be in the presence of God. Rev 21:27.

God wants the discovery of his truth after a process of seeking. Why is it necessary to seek Him? Because we discover a lot about ourselves and about God. Then we have a testimony and God gets the honour. We need to have a sense of our lostness and sinfulness. There is also a reward for the believer when he finds. There is no blind faith. He is set free by a Person in history…a process.

A relationship takes time and effort.  It is a process to get to know someone and it is so with God. When we are growing closer to Him our union grows deeper. He knows all about me, but I don’t know all about Him. Our efforts won’t ever be exhausted. We will always be in awe of Him!

It says in Col 1 and Ephesians 3 that the mystery of the Gospel has been hidden for many generations but is now revealed in Jesus Christ to the believers. That is enough reason for us to go and proclaim it to the world.

This world is temporary. We should focus more on the future world. We have eternal life to look forward to. We will be at home, holy and see Him fully. That is the Good News that we should reveal to the World. It was made known when Jesus died on the Cross and rose again from his grave. Celebrate Easter as if it is the best news in the world, because it is, and it is not hidden anymore!

Gerda Snyman

Gerda Snyman

Leader Impact

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