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Indigitous #Hack

The past year was without a doubt another great year with many highs and as usual its fair share of lows. 

I think if I have to single out one ministry high, it will definitely be the Indigitous #Hack (Hackathon).

I mention Hackathon in brackets because people find it difficult to associate a Hackathon with ministry. Well I think the word Hackathon has the wrong connotation and is only seen as a negative thing where people access data or information in an unlawful manner. Fortunately, that is not the case, a Hackathon is actually where some very clever coders (programmers) come together and work nonstop to develop a program or find an IT solution for a problem.

In our case these clever guys worked towards a solution to make communication between E-coaches and students more interactive and more user friendly (especially for our blind E-coaches) in the form of an app for our platform.

For me it was just amazing to see how total strangers came together to use their talents to benefit the Kingdom of God. These guys worked nonstop for almost two days.

We are a bit stuck with some of the back-end communication of the platform and the app, but we trust that the Lord will show us a way to cross that bridge soon. I’m very excited to see the app in action and even more excited to see multiplying disciples developed from this app.

Johan Myburgh

Johan Myburgh

Digital Strategies Team Leader

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