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How the Swannies got involved with Family Life

During his years as an attorney Quintus handled many divorce cases. It was only after attending our first CCC Executive Conference in 1977, a part of which was a marriage seminar, that he realised that God had a plan for marriage. A Masterplan for marriage; a blueprint for marriage! It then became more and more difficult for him to simply divorce people!

When we joined the staff of CCC in 1980 our dream was to do marriage ministry. God, however, had other plans and we were first involved in several other activities. During either the 1993 or 1994 annual Staff conference we had three leaders of the ministry attend as well. It was Steve Douglas, Bailey Marks, and Don Myers.

As we had stepped down as National Directors of CCC, they scheduled a meeting with us to discuss our future with CCC. We told them of our desire to work with families. They suggested we visit the FamilyLife Head office in Arkansas to get some first-hand experience of FamilyLife. We then decided to go to the USA for a year and work with FamilyLife and get as much exposure as possible.

In the meantime, before that meeting, Craig Harbour, who presented FamilyLife conferences as a volunteer, started using us as facilitators and speakers. We found this most fulfilling. So, in August 1995, we moved to Little Rock with our two youngest children, De Wet and Mia. On our return in July 1996, we opened a FamilyLife office with the assistance of Brian and Edna Stocks. Dennis Rainey, the founder of FamilyLife, led Brian to the Lord in 1981.

We invited Dennis and Barbara Rainey to visit SA In 2006, a time during which they presented several different seminars across SA.

In 2023 we handed the leadership of FamilyLife over to Gerrie Holtzhausen who now leads this crucial ministry.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact Family Life directly below.

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