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Healing & Forgiveness

Leader Impact – Bloemfontein

Chaplain Pieter Bezuidenhout and his two daughters

Recently I invited a few residents of Sewe Damme Retirement Centre in Bloemfontein, who are unable to attend church, for a fellowship where we can experience God’s love together. Only two ladies came but they brought other people along. I have invited two “tentmakers”, one pastor, a colonel in the police and another pastor, a chaplain in the army, to work with me and lead every week alternatively.

Here are a few stories of what happened.

    • The one elderly lady didn’t get together with any Christians the past 10 years as she experienced terrible hurt and pain in church that she previously attended. The LORD touched her and healed her heart. I am walking with her while CHRIST restores all that has been stolen.
    • The other lady can hardly walk and struggles to forgive people who has made their life even harder after they lost their farm. She believes it caused her husband’s death. We prayed together and she forgave them. 
    • A farmer, his wife and two children in their twenties were invited by her. They also lost their farm and three family members (two sisters and their mother) passed away in the last two months. The Lord comforted them through our prayers and they once again took hold of His Word of Truth to minister to their hearts, knowing it will set them free from snares of the enemy.

LOVE from our FATHER’s heart started this fellowship on 14 February at Sewe Damme Retirement Centre and it is busy to grow! The need for compassion, love and care is everywhere around us. Let’s continue to listen and look at others like JESUS did.

He will delight in obeying the LORD. He will not judge by appearance nor make a decision based on hearsay. – Isaiah 11:3, NLT

Mariette Schlebush

Associated Staff, Bloemfontein

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