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GodTools: Gospel Conversations
This month, we’d like to share a review of the GodTools app. Most of us are familiar with Jesus’s Great Commandment in Matthew 28:19, which instructs us to “make disciples.” However, effectively reaching out, leading someone to Jesus, and guiding them to be a true follower can be challenging. Fortunately, the GodTools app provides a solution, making it more feasible to invest spiritually in others’ lives and share the message of Jesus.

Here's how different websites describe the GodTools app:

  • CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ in the USA) describes it as: “Talking about your faith can feel complicated or even intimidating… The GodTools app guides you before, during, and after a conversation, increasing your confidence and readiness for every discussion.”
  • The Christian Embassy, Canada, under the heading “Helping You Share Your Faith,” states: “GodTools app can help any time, any place, and in multiple languages on your mobile device… It equips you to confidently talk with others about how they can begin and grow their relationship with God, even if you’ve never shared your faith before.”
  • Uptodown describes GodTools as: “A versatile application crafted to support users in sharing their personal faith with others… It assists in articulating and spreading beliefs in a language that resonates with the audience, easing the challenge of initiating conversations about Jesus.”
  • Indigitous notes: “GodTools helps Christians all over the world have conversations about God… It makes it possible for any Christian to show someone how they can know God personally.”
  • Apptopia summarizes GodTools: “You want the people in your life to know how to have a life-changing relationship with God… Open GodTools to show someone what you believe and why it matters, in language they understand.”

In essence, the GodTools app simplifies the task of starting conversations about Jesus, providing confidence and readiness anytime, anywhere in the world, and in a language that anyone can understand. Amazing!

Having the Gospel in your pocket or purse, available in over 90 languages and accessible in more than 190 countries, is incredibly convenient. If you haven’t already, consider joining the more than 1 million people who have downloaded the app. And the best part? Just like the Good News about Jesus Christ, GodTools is absolutely free!

Learn more on the GodTools Website.

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