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God’s Sacrifice of Love

Leader Impact – Western Cape

I was once shown a genuine Roman construction nail (the kind used in crucifixion) and this greatly impacted my understanding of God’s love for me. Recently I shared this fact with an unchurched friend who works with metal. The next time we met, my friend had made me some replica Roman construction nails.

I decided to go out around Valentine’s day to ask people what symbols they associate with ‘Love’. After hearing their answers, I brought out one of the nails to show them and asked how this might symbolise love. I chatted to close to a dozen people like this and it was great to see how it was sparking great chats and making people really think of God’s sacrifice of love. I decided to keep carrying the nails around with me for more opportunities to talk about God’s love.

Geoff Shave

Geoff Shave

Leader Impact - Wester Cape Director

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