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Equipping Students
NLTC at Stellenbosch Baptist Church

As part of our ongoing commitment to campus ministry, we prioritise equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective evangelism and discipleship. Central to this effort is our New Life Training Course, designed for engaged disciples who have completed foundational follow-up.

Recently, we organized a training session for eleven students from Stellenbosch University and the University of the Western Cape. This was the first time in the Western Cape where three students took on leadership roles, guiding their peers through the training process.

This training involved five comprehensive lessons, with a primary focus on teaching participants how to effectively communicate the Four Spiritual Laws and cultivate a vibrant walk in the Spirit. The day was filled with engaging discussions, practical exercises, and interactive learning experiences.

Following the intensive training sessions, we gathered together for lunch, fostering fellowship and providing an opportunity for reflection and discussion. Energised by the day’s activities, the students eagerly embraced the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice. Venturing onto the campus grounds, they enthusiastically engaged in sharing their faith with their peers, demonstrating zeal and dedication to their mission.

Training students in this way is part of our ongoing mission to equip students to become multiplying disciples (2 Tim 2:2). We are happy to announce that plans are already underway for our upcoming training session, where we will continue to empower and equip our students for impactful ministry on campus.

We are so thankful to the Lord for a dedicated SLM staff team who eagerly share the responsibility of planning and organising such events.

A student teaching NLTC
Four Spiritual Laws practice

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