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A Student Living under a 'Curse'
“Student-Led Ministry” – Wits

Recently I was walking on campus with one of our key disciples when we approached a student sitting on a bench. As we chatted with him he shared that he was mugged at Johannesburg Park Station in July last year.

He told us that he was traumatized by this and was afraid to leave campus or his residence. His grandmother consulted a traditional healer who told her that the neighbours in his area had cast a spell on him because they were jealous that he was the only one in his area who was attending university.

He was told that he needed to be careful because people were out to harm him. He had made a commitment to Christ some time ago but he hadn’t grown in his faith and wasn’t walking with Jesus. I shared some verses from Scripture to help him with assurance of God’s love and care for him. I prayed that God would remove the fear from him and set him free to go wherever he needed to without fear.

We’ve met twice since that meeting for Bible study and prayer. He says that the fear is subsiding and he looks forward to our meetings. Thank God with me for the privilege of ministering to students like him. Please pray for his complete deliverance from fear. 

Picture of Eddie Andrews

Eddie Andrews

Student-Led Ministry

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