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A Message from Thabane Luthuli

“Student-Led Ministry” 

Photo: Some of the students at Wits that are involved with our ministry.

Here are comments of what the year of ministry meant for Thabane Luthuli  and a dream that the Lord gave him recently.

The year 2018 has been an amazing one for me thanks to the brothers and sisters that we fellowship with at Campus Crusade for Christ and Renier Van Onselen my discipler.

The mission at hand has become my reality and my truth. I have learnt to love the Lord more and people alike. I learnt to embrace the truth that Jesus is the Christ, the one whom we long for and are incomplete apart from him. As a response to his satisfying fulfillment I have come to long for the lost to come to their home, to their father where they belong. I have learnt different ways to reach out to different people to win them, build into their lives and trust that the Lord will instill the same heart for discipleship and evangelism.

The journey of faith keeps getting better with the help of being steered by my discipler and the fellowship of those who embrace the same core values.

The Dream – I hope it doesn’t feel impersonal but I felt strongly to share with as many people as possible. Just to verify I wrote it (Thabane Luthuli).

I had a dream in the early hours before the break of dawn. In this dream I was walking with a person and we were having a candid conversation about the person of Jesus Christ and his uniqueness. He was of the view that you can serve two kingdoms (benign Ancestral traditional religion and God at the same time) which is contrary to what the Bible teaches. 

I persistently explained how God requires our wholehearted devotion to him and that his love for us is jealous (He payed a price for us to be rescued from the kingdom of darkness into his glorious light). After that it appeared that there was a mugging attempt on us as we were walking however we managed to flee in opposite directions. I then seemed to wake up from that dream to a rather startling image of a figure that seemed to move away as I focused my eyes and attention to it. 

This I did to the extent of turning my head completely until it completely dissipated Into the unknown. From that point onward I cried out to Jesus because I could see that this is happening in waking reality, tears poured down my face as I continued to pray for loved ones , my family, friends as well as people that I am yoked with to this voyage of faith.

In my spirit I couldn’t shake of the words found in Acts 4:12. That God has given no other name by which we ought to be saved by but the name of Jesus Christ. It became thick and tangible in that very moment that the devil is not a fictitious character with a pitch fork, horns and a tail but that we are in fact wrestle with powers of the unseen world, of darkness-powers and principalities of the unseen world. The enemy is working tirelessly to prevent people from coming to salvation, redemption and restoration.

I would like to pose to you to join me in the quest for presenting the gospel that saves, all of humanity is in dire need for relationship with the one whom all things find reason, meaning and purpose. The truth matters and we ought to present it lovingly and graciously.

-Grace and peace.
Thabane Luthuli

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