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A journey with marketplace leader Khensani Billa

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My journey with Khensani Billa began when he was an accounting student at UJ around 2009, while I was serving with our sports ministry, Athletes in Action. I started discipling him and we helped his church use the World Cup soccer in 2010 to reach their community in Tshepisong. He graduated from UJ as a CA and started working at PWC.

In 2017, I began working with LeaderImpact. I connected with Khensani and a few other marketplace leaders like Dr. Nomfundo Nhlapo and Sibahle, who all worked in the Midrand area. We started a group using the “Bursting Your Bubble” training course for Christians in the marketplace to be missional in the workplace. We met at the Lucky Bread in the Mall of Africa. We were gaining momentum when COVID-19 hit and halted our physical meetings. This opened an opportunity for us to do the course online, and we were able to invite other people. We ended up with about 12 people doing the course on Zoom. This led to the formation of a leadership team for Midrand, which gives vision on reaching Midrand for the Lord.

After COVID, Khensani and I prayed about starting a physical group again in the Mall of Africa. Despite many attempts, we did not get anything going initially. I continued to meet with Khensani every Wednesday morning for discipleship, and we prayed for a group to start. I challenged Khensani to pray about meeting other Christians at PWC and start a Venture group (a new training for Christians in the marketplace) at his office Venture promo. Khensani became more intentional in having conversations with people at his work, which led to the start of the Venture course at PWC. One morning, Khensani met a lady in the elevator who was listening to a sermon on her phone. He invited her to our meeting, and she came that day. She was working on the floor with the senior partners of PWC. Through her, we had some senior leaders join our group. We ended up with about 10 people doing Venture. As more Christians joined, we had to do the course a second time, and 26 people have now gone through the course.

Some of the people who joined informed Khensani about a worldwide Christian network of Christians that meet every 3-4 months in two Zoom meetings, one for the East and one for the West, with about 400+ people on these calls.

As part of the Venture course, participants pray for four non-Christian friends they would like to reach in the workplace. Our next step in the coming months is to have an outreach event where these people will be invited. They will be challenged during the outreach to go through the Foundations course, which is aimed at reaching non-Christians in the marketplace Foundations course. We praise the Lord for what He is doing.

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  1. Great story and wonderful results to see so many people from one company get involved What is the chances of seeing one of them, or all of them join the ministry of C.C.C. SA This is a black country and we desperately need black leadership

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