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Pray for unbelievers, show acts of kindness and share your personal testimony.
Prayer Care Share

The Prayer, Care and Share strategy is a tool that equips Christians to pray for unbelievers, show acts of kindness and share their personal testimony and the Gospel with the lost. Prayer, Care Share is the first step for any disciplemaker to start his or her multiplying discipleship ministry.

Course Description

This course is designed to teach individual disciples how to reach people far from God in their personal circles of relationships for Christ through a ministry of Prayer Care Share.

The strategy is being used in countries around the world to help Christians become effective in evangelism, which is relational and gentle, based entirely upon the love of God.

This course teaches how to do each aspect of this ministry. Church leaders can use this strategy to equip disciples to do ministry as they go about their daily life and to reach an area or a target group for Christ. 

Foundational Discipleship (9 lessons)
Lesson 1: Confidence

In this first study, we will explore the confidence you can have in your relationship with God.

Lesson 2: Growth

Now you can begin to focus your attention on growing in your relationship with Him.

Lesson 3: Forgiveness

As you grow, you will see gradual change in your attitudes toward others and toward life itself.

Lesson 4: Empowerment

In this lesson, we will learn about God’s Holy Spirit, who empowers us to live an abundant and victorious Christian life.

Lesson 5: Identification

We have a brand new life in Christ, and as a result, old ways and thoughts pass away. We think and live differently.

Lesson 6: Obedience

When you decided to put Jesus on the throne of your life, you declare your trust and obedience in Him.

Lesson 7: Witness

God works to mature you as a believer and to bless you as you tell people about Jesus Christ.

Lesson 8: Sharing

“Prayer Care Share” is an effective method to bring the good news of Jesus to the people around us.

Lesson 9: Learning

We get to know God and deepen our relationship with Him as we learn about Him and obey His commands