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The Life of Jesus

“The Jesus Film Project” 

Click on the picture above to go to the Gospel of John on the Jesus Film website.

You are familiar with the Jesus Film, the well-known film produced in 1979, taken entirely from the Gospel of Luke. But there is a new film produced by Campus Crusade about the Life of Jesus. It is a dramatization of the Gospel of John.

On the Jesus Film Project website and app, it is made available in 49 segments. The segments are short, anywhere from 2 minutes to about 7 minutes long.

I’ve been watching one segment a day as part of my personal devotions. It’s been so helpful and moving to read a portion of Scripture and and then to watch the related segment. It really brings John’s Gospel to life in a new and meaningful way.

As this month of March ends, and April begins, our thoughts turn to the upcoming Easter days. I’d like to challenge you to use this Gospel of John film series in your devotions. I pray that you find fresh insights into the meaning of Easter.

Picture of Rick and Mary-Lynn Atherton

Rick and Mary-Lynn Atherton

Jesus Film Project

1 thought on “The Life of Jesus”

  1. Hi Rick and Mary-Lynn,

    I have 3 questions about the tools available for the “book of John” film.

    Do we have scripture verses available for every one of the 49 segments?
    Can we get each of the 49 segments separated?
    How can I get it?

    Jannie Ferreira
    Cape Town

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