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The beginning of an exciting life!

My name is Mpho Sofeng from Lesotho. I was born a very sickly child and doctors told my mom that I will not be able to live for long and as a result I did spend most of my time indoors with no friends. I am the oldest in a family of two. 

I spent most of my days listening to my family talking about bible stories and my uncle dedicated his time to teach me the word of GOD. 

As time went by I realised that being born in a Christian family is not enough to get to heaven.
One Sunday morning I decided to go to church and I made up my mind that no matter what, I am going to pray the prayer of salvation to invite JESUS into my life.

When the Pastor made the altar call to invite JESUS into our lives, my late sister and I went forward (just the two of us) and it marked the beginning of an exciting life of walking with JESUS. Some of my illnesses were healed but some are still there but I am satisfied with JESUS in my life.

Mpho Sofeng (34), married to Letty, is the National Team Leader of Life Ministry, Lesotho (CCC in Lesotho) and involved with an online “Bursting your Bubble” course. He works with both Student Led Movement and Global Church Multiplication but has more passion in using sports to bring young people to Christ.

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