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South Koreans invade Stellenbosch!

18 Young people (9 ladies and 9 men), 2 weeks, 1 purpose – to reach out on Stellenbosch campus and share the Good News!

They are from Campus Crusade for Christ Korea; their outreach is called “A6 Korea Mission” (with reference to Acts 6). They came for two weeks in July to assist our local Student Led Ministry. For them it is part of training, for us, encouragement and an injection of new life in our ministry. Together we invaded the Campus intentionally to share the Gospel (to WIN people for Jesus), inviting those reached to a special meeting at the Stellenbosch Baptist Church. There we enjoyed supper together, shared about ministry opportunities and had a special spiritual time.

Since then the young people left for home and it is time for follow up (to BUILD into the lives of those reached with the Gospel). Eddie Andrews, SLM Team Leader in Cape Town, shares: “Following the A6 Korean mission, I have already had good one-to-one meetings with 8 students. Another 7 will meet with me soon. Please pray for our Action Group who will be responsible for the follow up. Also thank God for our first multiplying disciple after the Korean A6 mission. Lindy has completed the basic follow-up with one of the Koreans. We also did the Holy Spirit Booklet with her. She has shared her faith on her own at least twice. Another student, Rua, can’t wait to share her faith. I showed her how to use the Four Spiritual Laws and she will be going out soon to share her faith. Please pray for spiritual growth among all these students”.

Celebration at Stellenbosch Baptist Church where 33 students joined the team.
Lindy (behind Eddie) and Rua (No.4 behind him), very excited to be multiplying disciples.

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    1. Hi Alba, thanks for contacting us. If you send me contact information I will forward it to Eddie. May your day be blessed, greetings in Jesus, Gerrie

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