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Recent News from Mothers Who Care in South Africa

Rashieda Naidoo leads the Mothers Who Care strategy in South Africa. She is such an inspiration, a creative and passionate lady. What a blessing to have her on the CCCSA team. Trust you’ll enjoy this inspiring excerpt from her feedback on MWC.

Hello Dear Prayer Friends

What a full and fruitful school term it has been. It seems that every week was filled with lovely surprises from the Lord. He is doing so much.

Our team of regional coordinators [RC] have been working at our statistics again. We have a new tally of how many school groups and praying parents, mostly moms and grans who serve Jesus in this way. Some dads also join in as well.

We can report that there are 295 schools covered in prayer in our movement and just over 1200 parents serving in this way. This is a real testament to our Lord Jesus who planted the seed to pray in schools, so many years ago.

This year marks the 33rd year of MWC in South Africa. Our heart is to honour this legacy and what Jesus birthed. What a joy to be counted among those who have stepped out in faith and joined hands in prayer. Unified intercession and a willingness to love God and each other is a prize.

In this way, we represent the family of God to those yet to know Christ. May our kindness and love shine and be a witness. Our unity is a display of the kingdom of God. And often the enemy tries to mess with that through jealousy, strife and indifference.

May we be wise every time we step out into this sphere. Overcoming the bait of offense will aid us greatly and move us forward in our maturity as followers of Christ.


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