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New Life!

Clarice was working as a waitress.  One of her regular customers, Bill, invited her along to church.  The next week she went.  The church reached out to her that day.  Clarice was looking for help.  Her financial situation was difficult and her home life strained.  People showed tangible love by providing food vouchers and offering care and support. 

I was given Clarice’s phone number to follow up on her.  We’ve since been in regular contact.  On the very first meeting, Clarice poured out her heart.  Her life has been desperate and she could see no way forward.  She was reaching out to God for help.

Since then, we’ve had a number of exchanges and recently I met with her over breakfast.   After some chatting, I offered to share more about Jesus through the ‘The Four Spiritual Laws’ gospel outline in the app, GodTools

It was an easy conversation, she asked questions, offered her own illustrations to try and understand the message, and when we reached the opportunity to ask Jesus into her life she hesitantly said she would.  I queried her hesitation, not wanting to force her into that decision.  I asked if she had any further questions and suggested she could go away and think about it.  But, she said she really did want to pray, she just found change difficult.  She knew it was a big decision.

So, there and then, with tears in her eyes, and in mine, she asked Jesus into her life!!

So, in agreement, we shout in celebration, “The Word gave life…. and his life brought light”

Please pray for Clarice as she starts this journey, for protection and assurance of salvation, that God would give her peace, strength and courage in her circumstances and she would fall more and more in love with Jesus, her Saviour and Lord, each day.

Please pray too for me as I seek to help her on this adventure.  Thank you for your prayers.

Picture of Caroline Shave

Caroline Shave

Leader Impact, Western Cape

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