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Ministry from a Distance

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. Many people around the globe are getting sick and are dying. Consequently people are living in fear and anxiety and starting to ask really deep questions about life and the meaning of life. Questions we, as Christians, are very able to answer. But how do we address them during a total lockdown?

The Lockdown has not only forced us as a Campus Crusade ministry to venture into other methods of evangelism and discipleship, but technology has also given us the tools and opportunities to do so.  Some of it is focused on social media outreaches, others on the web. Our website has seen a big jump in activity, and we are in need of e-coaches. 

Over the Easter weekend, the Jesus Film Ministry arranged for the showing of the Jesus Film, Magdalena and Walking with Jesus over the TBN television network.  A response link was shared during the showings, but it will take a while to gather the results. Potentially millions of people saw these films.

What is CCCSA Ministry from a Distance Strategy?

We will use online and social media platforms in conjunction with exciting Tools and Apps that have been developed by Campus Crusade for Christ internationally to Win people that are seeking hope in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Build into the lives of believers that need to grow in their relationship with Jesus and we will Send (Equip) believers so that they can share their faith. We as a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa will do this alongside our volunteers and other ministries that want to partner and network with us. People like you!

During this time of lockdown we want all believers, to utilize this time to work together to reach a common goal to live out our calling that God puts on our lives during this time.

We believe this is the time that the Lord has been preparing us for during the last few years and He has been leading Digital Strategies to prepare the platform for the last 18 months in order to be ready for a “Time Like This”.  A time when nobody is able to do ministry as we are used to. Now, we need to do “Ministry from a Distance”.

This is the time that all believers, the Church, can focus on the same goal and work together to use the same strategy and tools to reach our goal of Win Build Send. In short, to answer the deep questions and to give hope.

You can become involved in the following strategies; Prayer, e-coaching, social media, whatsapp, online training and finances.

On our website you can have a look at the Digital Missions Resources and see how you can get involved in Online Digital Discipleship. You can help new believers, see people grow through discipleship courses and become involved with online discipling of someone you know and can help to grow.

The video above and our website will explain more. Here is the link

You can make a difference in a “time like this”!

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