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Jesus is walking right beside me

A student was sitting near the student centre at WITS a few weeks ago. After approaching him to share the Gospel he, said that he was disillusioned with Christianity because it seemed that churches and pastors were just out to make money. After chatting for a while and explaining that not all Christians were like that, I eventually shared the Gospel with him. 

He was very sure that Christ was not in his life. He was also very definite in wanting Christ in his life. He prayed to invite Jesus into his heart right there. Two days later when we met for follow-up, he said the most amazing thing. When I asked him how he was he said with a big smile that he felt like Jesus was walking right beside him. The word he used was it felt “weird” (I know that he meant it in the most positive sense!). Our follow-up Bible studies have been just wonderful and inspiring.

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Eddie Andrews

Student-Led Ministry

2 thoughts on “Jesus is walking right beside me”

  1. A young bright Jewish girl happened to have been listing to David Pawson speaking about Jesus Christ. Afterwards she came to him and said; ” do you want to tell me that our messiah has already come and it is the Jesus you have been talking about, how could I get confirmation of that?” There was a private room in the building where the service took place and David said that she could use the room and there in private ask Him to tell her Himself, because He is here and omnipresent. She did that and she came out and Jesus was walking right beside her.

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