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Introducing Mothers Who Care

Mothers Who Care (MWC) originated in the autumn of 1984 in Canada. Concerned mothers of teenagers worried about the negative influence their children were facing. Convinced of the power of prayer, they began interceding for their children and the school environment.

John and Mary-Jean Tempelhoff settled in South Africa and started Campus Crusade for
Christ locally in 1972. In 1990, Mary-Jean gathered a group of women and shared the MWC
ministry with them. Consequently, MWC was established in South Africa and continues to grow from strength to strength today.

MWC envisions the development of Holy Spirit led groups of praying parents in every school in South Africa.

MWC aims to develop and maintain these groups as a unified network in Christ and to provide structure and guidance to help each group maintain a godly standard of prayer through the generations.

MWC firstly focuses on praying, asking for God’s direction towards potential leaders and contacts in a specific area and school. Then MWC facilitates the formation of school prayer groups, made up of Christian parents.

The intention is to meet once a week to pray for the school as the Holy Spirit leads, including:

  • Praying for theirchildren to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and to stand boldly in their faith.
  • Praying for otherstudents, teachers and admin staff to come to faith in
  • Praying forChristian teachers and admin staff in the
  • Praying for high moral standards and biblical perspectives in the school.

MWC seeks to be a positive, supportive influence in schools therefore also praying for all the schools, learners, parents, teachers and school admin staff in South Africa.

Mothers Who Care believes that: “We are stronger together, we are blessed by God when united as His body and we pass on a lasting legacy.”

MWC is such a practical and wonderful fulfilling ministry, feel free to contact them at

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