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Join a Growing Network of Leaders INVESTING their L.I.F.E. for God's Kingdom!


IGNITE is a mobilizing event of L.I.F.E Partners in every city where we have Campus Crusade for Christ staff working in order to help fulfil the Great Commission in every country in Africa.

The first Ignite event took place in Bali-Indonesia in 2016 and truly ignited Ministry Partners to commit their Leadership, Influence, Finance and Expertise (L.I.F.E) for the fulfilment of the Great Commission.


To cast vision and mobilize Christian businessmen, women and professionals from different countries to take action and advance God’s Kingdom by optimizing the L.I.F.E for the Great Commission:

  • You will be inspired to make your L.I.F.E spark a movement in line with the goal of building spiritual movements everywhere so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ.
  • You will be equipped with ministry skills which you can use to develop your own personal ministry to your family, peers and associates.
  • You will be motivated to work closely and complementarily with local ministry leaders and staff.
  • IGNITE targets a high stratum of businessmen, women, professionals and influential Christian leaders who can in turn influence whole cities and ultimately their countries.
  • You will in turn be directly involved in recruiting peers and friends in your network who will also join to give their L.I.F.E to serve our Lord.
Desired Outcome

The fruit of IGNITE events shall be God’s calling of a group of individuals to establish a History’s Handful core group in their country.

History’s Handful is a multiplying movement of generous givers to realize financial sustainability of national ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ.