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How to find comfort

One of the joys of our roles at the global head office is the privilege to help equip missionaries around the world with training and resources. 

Meet Comfort in this 7-minute video above. It showcases her journey of discovering Jesus on her mobile phone and the impact of our ministry. Marie is blessed to have helped the team in Ghana over the years. 

Imagine thousands of people who are finding Jesus like Comfort. This is what we do to help seekers find Jesus online, grow in their faith, and train them to share the gospel with others. Comfort’s story shows a full circle of digital ministry impact. Comfort now serves with our local ministry in Ghana.

We feel so honored to have you on this journey with us! God has done great things these last few years, and we are so blessed to call you friends and partners.

Continue to pray with us for many to find Jesus.

Picture of Stefan & Marie Dell

Stefan & Marie Dell

Global Office, Orlando

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