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Hope Revealed

The Covid 19-related lockdown since March last year has been really hard on many people on so many levels. The fourth quarter of 2020 saw an increase of unemployment to 42,6% (11,1 mil people), while by the 2nd quarter of 2021 the unemployment rate showed an increase to 44,4% (14,9mil people). The stark reality of this is hunger and starvation in many houses; people and children who go to school and bed hungry and whose health is negatively impacted due to lack of nutrition.

We have witnessed this first-hand, but a great thing we have also seen is many individuals, groups and organizations who have jumped in to selflessly help people in need!

Although it is just a drop in the bucket, GAiN SA has delivered over 17 tons of food and aid since last year.

A special thank you to every person, group and organization who have contributed and made the food distribution possible! Because of your giving you have helped to bring hope to many!

Surprise a loved one this Christmas with a GAiN Cup and help a child in need!

We are selling these lovely GAiN cups, available in four colours, in aid of the Young Hero Program. Please call Fortunate at 072 873 1049 or write to with your order.

You are also welcome to make a financial donation towards the Young Hero Program using the reference YHP/your name & surname. All funds received will be used in bettering the lives and educational development of our Young Heroes.

Picture of The GAiN team

The GAiN team

Fortunate Rathebe, Lizelle Pieterse and Dawie Pieterse.

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