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Go Movement!

During GO month in May we equipped Christians to grow in ways they can share their faith by using the GO challenge, which consists of 12 simple challenges to attempt over the month.

Here are just a few.

On the last Saturday of May, Christians across the world were encouraged to share their faith with at least one person.

Across South Africa there were many different initiatives. Jeremiah joined us as we mobilised church members of one Cape Town church to go and share their faith. Here’s what he had to say…

“I enjoyed doing GO Day so much that I’d like to do it every Saturday. The prep before going out provided the group with different methods to minister, making it easier to reach people. The practice of witnessing to people on the street about your faith and inviting them confidently to a church you love was a great experience. Going out in pairs gave us the extra encouragement to be bold in approaching people. The engagements were insightful and provided an opportunity to pray for people who were in unfavourable situations. Street evangelism is an opportunity to exercise your faith and conviction in the truth of the Gospel. GO Day provides an opportunity for this and hopefully this can become a consistent practice.”

As a result, this church is now making a habit of having monthly GO Saturdays.

To find out more about this initiative, go to

Maybe you and your church want to get involved next year on 27th May 2023?

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