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Global Church Movement (GCM)

Thrilled about our time in Ekurhuleni Springs Kwa-Thema from October 13th to 15th, 2023, hosted at The Door Church by Pastor Roney Ndala. It was an incredible weekend spent among extraordinary individuals.

Here’s a glimpse of our activities:

  1. Engaging session on “The Biblical Perspective on Evangelism” led by Renier van Onselen.
  2. Comprehensive training and workshop on the 4 Spiritual Laws principles followed by a hands-on street outreach.
  3. Sports outreach featuring the dynamic Living Ball.
  4. A captivating screening of the Jesus Film in Zulu on Saturday evening.
  5. A joyous and uplifting Sunday service celebration.

Feedback post-event by Willem Kelber:

Praise be to the Lord for His faithfulness! The weekend was a mix of wonderful moments and challenges, yet we’ve seen Jesus’ love touch many hearts. Pastor Roney Ndala from The Door Church, embodies humility and a deep devotion to his community and congregation.

Friday saw Renier van Onselen sharing insights on “What the Bible Teaches about Evangelism.”

On Saturday, Eudo and I trained over 16 individuals on effectively sharing the Gospel, which we immediately put into practice on the streets.

Sifiso beautifully conveyed Jesus’ love to a man who showed genuine interest, as well as to a young man sitting and smoking marijuana. We planted seeds of love, trusting the Holy Spirit to nurture them further.

Some individuals we approached weren’t receptive, but we extended invitations to everyone we engaged with, inviting them to the Jesus Film outreach later that evening (6 pm).

Upon returning to the church, we shared our experiences, witnessing trained members muster the courage to share the Gospel for the first time—what an incredible transformation!

During the afternoon, while setting up the film equipment, a young man named Earl, along with an interpreter, shared the Gospel using the Living Ball. Concurrently, there was some spirited football played on the open field.

Zulu children's Jesus Film

Given the predominantly Zulu-speaking audience, we screened a Zulu children’s Jesus Film. A remarkable 52 individuals (mostly children) attended, expressing a desire to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Their names and addresses have been recorded, and Pastor Roney and his leaders are actively following up. Eudo and I are assisting in their discipleship journey.

Sunday culminated in a brief message and communion, concluding the impactful weekend.
Additionally, Pastor Roney received Genesis porridge, packed with excellent nutritional value, which he intends to distribute among the hungry in his community, courtesy of Laeveld Agrochem.
We are deeply thankful. Please join us in prayer for the people of Kwa-Thema—their needs are immense.

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