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Fresh Face at AIA Western Cape

Hannah Wilson became a valued member of the AIA team in the Western Cape earlier this year. She embodies independence, fearlessness, and a deep commitment to her faith in Jesus.

Her newsletters echo her unwavering dedication and passion for following and serving Jesus, exemplifying her courage and commitment on her journey. Here are some excerpts.

International Sports Leadership School (ISLS)

We partnered with ISLS to run Ultimate Training Camp (UTC). 25 people from 28 countries were here as participants. We couldn’t have run UTC without the volunteers who came to join us! I was humbled to be able to help lead leaders from around the world!

I was given the opportunity to teach at ISLS. One person said, “Hannah you spoke with truth in gentleness and this allowed us to receive what you said in our hearts.” Praise the Lord!

Full Circle Moment! I met Vendji in 2018 when I first came to South Africa. In 2019 I was her intern shepherd at UTC in Colorado. It was a joy to have her fly in from her home in Namibia to serve together!

Mission Expo

In June I went to an Afrikaans weekend retreat with a local church, little did I know I would be sharing about AIA at their missions week!

During missions week the church hosts a Mission’s expo where dozens of organizations have tables. It was a gift having special friends from the church serving alongside me!

I met Nathon at the Mission’s Expo. He’s not an athlete however he is a student at Stellenbosch who is studying Sport Science and who also loves Jesus. He participated in UTC in November and wants to help start AIA on his campus!

Church Sport In The Netherlands

It was a blessing to experience Church Sport Movement across the Netherlands. I’m encouraged by what the Lord is doing. I was even able to join their 25 years of AIA celebration! So cool! After the trip and consulting with my AIA team, we’ve decided to pause on this new endeavour for now so we can invest more energy in the spaces we are already serving.

I attended a Church Sport Movement night and had it translated from Dutch to English. This idea of equipping the local church to use sport to share the Gospel is an initiative that is happening throughout the world.

Ultimate Training Camp (UTC)

6 weeks out from UTC, I told Russ (my AIA Team Leader) we should cancel because we only had 7 people signed up. He confidently said, “They’ll come” and they did! The Lord brought 42 participants, 35 campers and 7 interns from 11 different countries to UTC in South Africa! How incredible! I was in awe of the Lord allowing me to be a part of directing the camp that was literally reaching the Nations! Three people made a public profession of faith!

Phil and Julie (who I served with at Michigan State) came to help with UTC. They stayed a few days longer. I loved being able to show them my church and have them meet precious friends like Chanel!

A Little Feedback On Ladies She Disciples.

Makungu and Peaceful heard about AIA in July while the USA team came to their campus, University of Johannesburg and have been involved and meeting with Sdu (serving in AIA Gauteng) since! They both came to UTC! I’m excited to see how the Lord will continue to use these women!

Kaylee graduated in December, but she’s returning in February!! She recently shared: “I’ve been reading one chapter of Luke each day to learn about Christ’s life before Christmas and I’m learning so so much. I’ve been reading with my sisters, and they’ve been loving it too. I’m so grateful for the Bible, you got me and for all our Bible study sessions. As a family we’ve never really read the Bible together.”

What a beautiful testament to the Lord! We often draw inspiration from Matthew 9:37-38, where Jesus speaks of the abundant harvest but the scarcity of workers. It’s a call to pray for the Lord, the overseer of the harvest, to send more labourers into His fields. Hanna’s boldness and passion for the gospel serve as a timely reminder for us believers to also embrace the truth that “Jesus plus just one (you or myself) always forms an overwhelming majority!”

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