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Ever heard of an ‘Activate Event’

On Wednesday the 5th of October the Student Led Ministries in the Western Cape did an outreach on the Stellenbosch University’s campus.

This is a worthy story to tell, Esmari Beukes shared some details and photos. Here is her testimony about this event:

“Activate Event” at Maties Campus

The motive behind this initiative is to activate people in sharing their faith. To provide motivation and resources. They already have the potential to share, they just need help in doing it.

The Western Cape team did this Activate event in Stellenbosch, one of many, but the first to take place in person after it was founded in 2020. It was truly a blessed success.

Our team spent the morning reaching out to students, connecting with them and then inviting them to a free lunch and short film at the Stellenbosch Baptist Church. We had a turnout of 25 students.

We showed the short but very challenging anime film (a style of Japanese film and television animation) on the crucifixion of Jesus called ‘My Last Day’.

After the film, students were given the opportunity to pray to receive Jesus Christ, followed by a time of ‘Swollowship’ where we served a very delicious meal prepared by our staff.

Our Student Led Ministries is currently following up with all the attendees.

We can only praise God for this day!

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