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Eersterust Altars of Praise and Evangelism Outreach
(including also Mamelodi – 23 to 28 August) – TUT

In April this year Willem Kelber, after serving 15 year with the Jesus Film Project, moved to the Global Church Movement (Gauteng). Willem and Heleen did their training in Eersterust, way back at the turn of the century. They were doing more or less the same then as what is envisioned by GCM today.

GCM’s focus is to inspire vision and action in the church and train and equip multiplying leaders, so that they can equip their congregations in evangelism and discipleship – a true 2 Timothy 2:2 vision!

Willem linked up with spiritual and community leaders in Eersterust and Mamelodi. They all share a concern for the community’s spiritual wellbeing and arranged a special event and outreach! a Well-known worship leader in the community, Trevor Sampson, was invited. Together with the worship event, the different churches and organisations took hands reaching out to those attending the events. Three neutral venues (open park areas) were identified in Eersterust. A mobile stage with sound and lights were erected. Obviously the atmosphere would be impacted by the worship and people attending could then be ministered to. After the 3 days in Eersterust, the same team moved to 3 different venues in Mamelodi.

Willem shared this short testimony from pastor Clinton la Foy (following one evening’s outreach in Eersterust):

“… at the end of the outreach a young man walked to the back and
was crying uncontrollably, and I went to go and pray for him. He came walking from Mamelodi and said he heard the sound and was laying on his bed very depressed. He used to serve the Lord in school but afterwards started hanging out with the wrong crowd and started smoking marijuana. He said he could not stay in his bed after he heard the music, he got up, followed the sound and walked until he found us in Eersterust. We prayed a prayer of repentance together and he said he was going to return to church. I could see that this young man had an encounter with God, who drove him to walk and find the Altar of Worship. Eersterust will never be the same again.”

Willem concludes: “Many other hearts were touched as well. We don’t have a clue what really happened, but we know and trust the Lord that the whole area will experience God’s grace and power.”

They trust in the Word of God that proclaims: “…God’s Word never returns void…” (Isaiah 55:11).

What followed was “… a ‘debrief’ and discussion about the way forward. Please pray for divine guidance and wisdom. We believe and trust that the Lord wants to use Campus Crusade for Christ also to partner with Eersterust and Mamelodi, to make multiple disciples”.

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