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Developmental Team for SLM (Tuks)

Lydia Ratshosa leads SLM (Student Led Ministry) at the University of Pretoria (Tuks). She took the initiative to establish a Development Team for SLM.

What is a Development Team? A Development Team is the Lord’s answer to ensure that every ministry and strategy will be effective and self-sufficient to fulfill their calling. It simply means reaching out to people whose lives were touched by the ministry and inviting them to become LIFE partners. In short, for them to plow back into the ministry that touched their lives.

LIFE is an acronym for (L) Leadership and Labor, (I) Influence, (F) Finance and (E) Expertise. A member of the Development Team who takes ownership and gives back their ‘LIFE’ ensures that the ministry becomes sustainable. And so doing the main focus can once again be on the Great Commission and establishing movements through Winning, Building and Sending.

With the support of people like Chris Dirks, Pastor Julius Mbu and Barney Badenhorst Lidia organized an excellent event. Here is Lydia’s testimony:

“Our ministry at the University of Pretoria hosted some university alumni who were involved with our ministry when they were still studying. We got to share with them what has been happening in ministry as well as challenges we are facing. The main reason for the meeting was to challenge these alumni to form part of a developmental team that would focus on helping the ministry grow, and to tackle the challenges the ministry is facing and may face in the future.

Two people made the decision to be part of that team namely the Tuks Developmental Team. The main focus of the Team for the next few months is to invite other alumni to join our alumni database. Using the database we will be letting alumni know what is happening on their former campus and also how they can help with ministry through their skills and influence.”

Congratulations Lydia, you set a great example for the rest of us, may the Lord truly bless SLM Tuks and your Developmental Team.

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