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I am

I am a famous but sad comedian
I wonder is there love true and consistent
I hear the sound of a happy crowd
I see smiles when I am present
I want happiness for the world
I am a famous but sad comedian
I pretend to be happy at all times
I feel like what’s inside wants to burst
I touch my swollen heart
I worry would I survive
I cry what would happen without my presence
I am a famous but sad comedian
I understand that I bring light into others’ hearts
I say my talent is there to help others
I dream what I give to others might start with me
I try to ease my mind and heart
I hope that I would succeed
I am a famous but sad comedian

Poem written by Kearan Africa

This is the “tool" we use to help teachers get to know the pupils in their classroom.

Kearan qualified as a presenter of the CrossRoads curriculum at the Teachers Training I presented in Somerset East during the last week-end of October.

The training was presented in co-laboration with Good Foundations for Good Fruit (GF4GF) that uses the curriculum and materials of CrossRoads in their training and discipleship programs.

Here is our group of 25 new trainers, proudly displaying their certificates.

Most of these individuals matriculated last year and are enrolled in a life skills development program this year. They are followers of Jesus and are teaching the CrossRoads curriculum in order to effectively share the Gospel in their community.

One older trainee who attended is the live-in headmaster of the town’s local school boys hostel. I am thrilled by the opportunity he has to reach many children in his care for Jesus.

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Marais Koegelenberg

Marais Koegelenberg


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