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Church Planting in Europe
Church Leaders in Finland

With travel restrictions resulting from Covid lifting slightly, Stefan had the privilege to visit three countries to be part of gatherings where strategic church planting conversations took place. 

A personal highlight was visiting a young pastor couple in Finland that we have been coaching over the past few years but have never gotten to visit. Stefan meets with the husband Pyry and Marie with the wife, Anniina. They are experimenting with a model of church planting that is attracting young Finns who are church-less, but looking for authentic faith. It is exciting to see young families finding Jesus and being obedient to His call to make disciples.


This story from Moldova is a reminder of God’s power to transform someone and use them for His Kingdom:

“Oxana stood apart from the others, arms crossed, cigarette in hand. Everything in her body language said, “Leave me alone.” She had reluctantly come to the picnic in the woods that afternoon with other non-Christians after some Jesus Film® workers invited them.

One staff member took the initiative to talk with Oxana about Jesus, and she became curious about the hope God offered.

She agreed to attend the next group meeting, and it was there she gave her life to Christ. Within the week, her mother, sister, and niece did the same. Turning her indifference into a passion for the Lord, Oxana quickly shared her faith 100 times. After watching Magdalena, an evangelistic film about the life of Jesus from the eyes of Mary Magdalene, she invited 25 people to meet in her home as a small group. Oxana is now part of the church planting team in Moldova. She said she cannot imagine her life without God.”

Thank you for your partnership in helping to bring the gospel to people all around the world.

Left to Right: Martin, Stefan, Tanya, Aliona & Igor in Moldova
Picture of Stefan & Marie Dell

Stefan & Marie Dell

Global Office, Orlando

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