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CCCSA Staff on a nostalgic outreach to Spain

‘Operation Transit’ is a project run in the south of Spain and other European countries at different ports. People from North Africa who live and work in Europe are travelling for the summer holidays to visit their home countries like Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. During this time different teams hand out materials like the New Testament in Arabic and Spanish or French, the Jesus Film and other Christian materials like a booklet on the Sermon of the Mount.

Let’s step back in time for a moment. At the turn of the century, The Macedonia Project was a vibrant ministry of CCCSA. Many distribution and prayer journeys were embarked on every year. A multitude of people from North Africa and the Middle East were reached. Many South
Africans went on these outreaches, some even became regulars. CCC Staff from South Africa committed to stay for longer periods of time in Europe to oversee and coordinate these journeys. As a result of this Gerda Snyman (Leader Impact, Pretoria) and Marais Koegelenberg (CrossRoads Coordinator, Cape Town) spend many months oversees as project coordinators.

So back to 2022, Gerda and Marais teamed up again, journeyed to Spain and joined Ezzat in Malaga (10-29 July) and then Petra in Tarifa (29 Jul-11 Aug). Their mission was with ‘Operation Transit’! But there must have been many fond memories of the Macedonia days!

Here are some highlights from their feedback.

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Garda shared that this year was especially difficult because of the extreme heat and the many travel restrictions still in place. “In Malaga we went to the port and handed out materials to the many people waiting in their cars under a shaded area to board the ferry. We had to walk through the parking area quickly before the police spotted us… Unfortunately there wasn’t much time to really engage in conversations like we hoped.”

In Ezzat they also went to the local markets. Gerda says: “We handed out a booklet on the Sermon on the Mount. I explained to a young lady that it contains the words of Jesus regarding life. She answered in Spanish ‘I can’t read.’ I was stunned but offered her a video that she declined to take when she quickly turned away. My heart ached for her and what her circumstances might be like. Please pray for this women.”

In Tarifa they handed out 334 packets and furthermore USB drives with the NT and other materials on to young people. “Besides challenging circumstances, we were able to be there and God used us to hand out his Word, to a very receptive audience. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity again to do this.”

Marais shared from his previous experience that: “During these outreaches it always seems to me as if the words of Jesus come to light right in front of my eyes. ‘My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.’ (John 10:27). From experience I know that I have to offer the material to ten people in order to have one or two of them reaching out for it. Clearly those are the ones whose hearts were prepared beforehand by the Lord himself. Over time I have learned to respect many aspects in the culture of these people. Spiritually they are deceived, and yet they desire to be people of good character and high moral values. Even if they choose not to receive the packet, they mostly treat me with respect and would say goodbye with: ‘be of good courage!’

Opportunities like this is undeniably life changing, if you would like to find out more chat with Gerda at

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