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A letter to our Ministry Partners

National Team Leader

Dear Ministry Partner,

We trust you are doing well in the Lord. We have constantly been praying for all our ministry partners during this Lockdown period. We thank you for your partnership in spreading the Gospel, especially during this tough time. Your faithfulness to the Lord has been a great encouragement to our staff. You have also enabled our staff to faithfully continue doing what the Lord has called us to do. We were amazed at the creativity and initiative that came from our staff.

During the lockdown period since March 2020, CCCSA was able to share the gospel with 1.6 million people through different strategies, like showing the Jesus Film on Television across Africa, hosting webinars by targeting the marketplace and students and driving different campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. People who made a decision to follow the Lord were channeled to our platform for follow-up. We were also able to train 446 people on different platforms to share their faith and disciple others.

You can visit the following platforms to see what we did during Lockdown or if you want to be trained in evangelism and discipleship:

CCCSA Website | Knowing God | Our YouTube Channel | Our FaceBook Page

Your partnership enabled us to make great impact in people’s lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. You are a continual source of joy and encouragement as you pray and give faithfully to our ministry. As we move into 2021 there is still a big financial need for us as staff and CCCSA to continue with the work the Lord has called us to do. We cannot do this without your partnership. May I ask you to specifically pray about giving a special gift to the staff member you are supporting. Any amount the Lord may lay on your heart for the staff member and a gift of R100 toward CCCSA will be greatly appreciated.

You can donate by clicking on the Donate button above or make an EFT to the following bank account:

Thank you for considering this.

Picture of Chris Dirks

Chris Dirks

National Team Leader

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