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2022 – A Significant year!

This year has been a significant one for Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa. We had our 50th birthday! We wanted to mark the occasion by giving thanks to God for his faithfulness, envisioning others to help fulfil the Great Commission, bring awareness of our movement to help make better connections, new and old, and recruit helpers for the harvest, to partner with us financially and prayerfully, and to work with us in this mission God has called us to.

Thank you for your involvement in making this year a significant one. It has been an adventure. Here is a short video highlighting just some of the things we did this year.

Read on to hear some stories and comments from people who have been involved in these 50th activities.
Until Everyone Knows... celebrations

We held three celebrations, one in KZN, one in the Western Cape and one in Gauteng. It is good to thank God for all he has done these past fifty years, but we also wanted to make sure that we don’t just sit back and relax from here on in. There is still much work to be done to build God’s kingdom in South Africa and beyond. We left all attendees with a challenge to help fulfil the Great Commission by being a L.I.F.E. partner, to offer their Labour, Influence, Finances and Expertise for God’s glory.

Here is what some people said about the events…

“It was such a wonderful and insightful evening. Thank you!”

“Last night was such a showcase. Everyone I talked to afterwards was looking at ways they can be involved. My friend has downloaded God Tools and will teach his group to share the gospel. So, God is at work.”

“Congratulations to all involved last night. A very positive celebration and presentation of God's work from CCC over the past 50 years.”

“It was a wonderfully anointed celebration - thank you for inviting us!”

“An awesome occasion and celebration of God's work in and through so many.”

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