PAMOJA AFRICA” is the name of the all African students’ conference designed by Campus Crusade for Christ in Africa. PAMOJA is a Swahili word meaning “Together”.

What a Conference it was! It was epic, magnificent, fantastic, totally awesome and Super Cool. A wonderful team of 27 people from Campus Crusade for Christ-SA took a road trip to Zambia, Lusaka to attend this conference. We had 3 full-time staff, 7 young professionals, 2 bus drivers and 13 students. I had the BEST TEAM BUILDING OF MY LIFE IN THE BUS.

We slept 2 nights in the bus to Zambia and one night back home. We sang, we prayed, we had braais, shared and ate together, we joked, we laughed, we encouraged one another, exchanged blankets and sleeping bags, etc. This Trip created a community of Christ-centered, like-minded and compassionate group of young people that are ready to turn our campuses and the market place upside-dawn. All the speakers at the conference were on point and gave us delicious food for thought.

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